Matteo Pala


Create something unique that can talk about me

A family history, a passion and an experience that oscillate between tradition and experimentation, the fascination for distant lands and the continuous search for personal and personalized solutions: from all this comes what Matteo Pala has turned into a real and its center specialized in design, creation and care of the carpet. A custom oriented project in which Matteo follows each phase: design, construction, selection of materials to achieve the optimal result; delivery, advice for the perfect preservation of quality over the years and possibly restoration, because this experience remains unique over time.

Everything starts from distant lands (Turkey, Nepal, India, Morocco), cradles of the art of carpet, where Matteo goes periodically not only to recover the best artefacts, but also to capture the essence of craftsmanship superfine that guarantees the quality and originality of each product. And this is how each carpet is more than just a piece of furniture: it is something unique that brings with it the sum and the taste of ancient traditions revisited so that they can be modern and adaptable solutions. Different needs, whether for private or contract solutions, are answered in the lines that Matteo Pala has studied and selected over the years, personally assessing the raw materials and the processes to which they are submitted to enhance them. Patchwork, Vintage and Contemporary were born: three different worlds, each with its own personality, in which the carpet lives or relives in a new experience, that of those who choose it.

Collaborations: Zanellato, Benetton , Diesel, Sitia, Studio Viganò.