The Medusa, suspended in the waters, transmits the need to let go of all resistances to be carried with confidence by the flow of the currents of life. The Medusa collection was born from this assumption, with the aim of transforming a physical space into a spiritual and welcoming space where you can live your daily life with renewed energy.
The carpet has always been a place of refuge, a welcoming place, the carpet, which allows you to transform a place into a home, is not only a physical space but also a space for relationships and exchanges. The Medusa collection enhances this spirit of extravagant abandon and tenacity, creating a unique, personal, intimate and shared space.

Matteo Pala tappeti Medusa collection


Matteo Pala tappeti Medusa collection


Matteo Pala tappeti Medusa collection


Carlo Dal Bianco Designer

Antonino Busà

Antonino Busà Lab is the name I chose for my creative space intended as a mental and laboratory space in which to give life to creations on behalf of client and private companies who have the passion to invest in the artistic universe and in the search for meaning.

My experiences gained in the world of art and design converge in this professional and artistic experience, combining the vivacity experienced over the years with the communities of emerging artists and my insatiable desire to experiment and continually transform matter, subtracting it from the gravity of time, let it float through the visual transcription of emotional exaltation.
Every day I try to translate my gaze into works of art because despite its contradictions and sufferings I feel I love the world around me, I love this circus inlaid with poetry because we can elevate the suffering of the world by creating unique parallel universes, full of vibrant life and colors.
From the intensity of the fusion between the artisan universe of excellence and the creative power of art, virtuous contaminations arise that make the artifacts unique and immortal. Antonino Busà Lab through a co-design and implementation process proposes this fusion of knowledge that allows elevate artifacts by building new ways of seeing and living. Through the support of Artisans, Interior Designers, Architects, innovative and surprising stylistic solutions can be identified, new forms can be developed and explored by skilfully combining tradition and innovation. Antonino Busà Lab is a reality that has collaborated virtuously with nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Tomas Saraceno and Gianluca Berardi and local and international companies such as Orsoni Mosaici, Matteo Pala Rugs, Stefano Bullo Vam, Macondo Silk.

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